September 10, 2020

Peer Review

Majority of medical journals reject 75% or more of the submitted manuscripts. But you can increase the chance of your paper getting accepted by using our peer review service.

Peer Review

How Can Peer Review Service Help Me?


Peer review is the practice of assessing a scholarly article by a group of experts in that field before its submission. Our experts will review your paper and provide you with constructive comments. By applying these comments, you can improve your manuscript before submitting it to the selected journal. When you do this, the chances of your article getting accepted will increase.

Can I request this service after submission to journal?

Yes, the journals commonly ask for the revision of the submitted manuscripts. It is beneficial for the authors since the papers do not face rejection right away. Authors also face the challenge of how to reply to the reviewers’ comments and persuade them into accepting the paper. We will provide two files for you in this service. The first one will be the revised manuscript based on the comments, and the second one will be the explanation for their comments point-by-point.

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