Article Submission to a Journal

Currently, most journals have online submission because it is safer and faster. Save the article file in PDF or Word format. On the website of some reputable journals, there is an option to click on and enter the online submission process.

Article Submission to a JournalIn this process, several pages will open and ask you to enter the title, authors’ names, address, telephone, fax, email and main manuscript text.

In each part, you must copy what you have been requested from the text of the article and paste it in the appropriate box. In journals where online submission system is not available, they will ask you to submit your article along with an attached letter to the editor in accordance with the instructions provided in the Authors Guide. Another way is sending email. To do this, in addition to the cover letter, print 3 to 5 copies of the article and send it to the journal’s postal address along with a CD containing the text of the article, the figures and the tables. After submitting the article, you must wait for a report email from the editor indicating that the article has been received and is being reviewed. You may also receive a multi-digit code for future follow-up.

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