How to respond to referees’ comments?

View referees’ comments optimistically

 Surely, referees are seeking to improve the quality of your article. Do not be concerned about this process and do not consider the reviewer as a criticizer, but look at it as an opportunity to enhance the quality of your paper.

How to respond to referees’ comments?

Do your best to respond to all the referees’ recommendations and try to convince them.

Do not leave a comment or request with no response. If you disagree with a referee’s opinion, you should provide your argument logically based on valid references rather than personal opinions.

If the referees announce that your article require English language editing, you must send the article to an expert editor to check it. In the end, remember that the referees’ comments should not question the article’s validity. If you disagree with the view of the referee, you do not need to change the article according to the referee’s viewpoint, because in the end this article will be published in your name and you must respond to a large number of researchers!

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