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Researchers who intend to present their work worldwide often face the challenge of writing in English. Most of them wish they were able to convey the concepts themselves and not through the process of translation. Good news is that it is not that difficult. The only thing that you need is relative familiarity with the English language. But keep in mind that you should not simply translate what you say in your mother tongue to English and write it down. You should be able to use the common structures of the English language to write an acceptable paper

The following guide is designed to help scholars learn some tips on writing articles in English. Researchers with any levels of English can use these tips. We recommend you try to use them in writing a sample one-page-article (including one introductory paragraph, two or three body paragraphs depending on the subject area, and one concluding paragraph) in order to see what they have learned. We hope it works for you. But if it is difficult for you to write in English, you can always count on DoNotEdit translation or editing services which will help you in writing your paper.

It should be noted that the examples are taken from two different writing styles, namely literary (George Orwell’s Animal Farm Novel) and scientific (Information Technology).

Easy Guide to Writing Articles in English

There are various styles for writing an article. But the standard style follows the same basic structure that we have used in this post.

Choose the main idea or theme of the article. for example:

  1. Information technology has revolutionized the way we work.
  2. George Orwell’s Animal Farm provides a fascinating allegory of life in a totalitarian society.


Divide the article into three sections, the introductory paragraphs, the body, and the abstract.

The introductory paragraph should begin with an intriguing sentence from the article that grabs the attention of the reader. for example

  1.  Homeworkers have grown from 150,000 to over 12 million in the past 5 years thanks to

the wonders of the computer.

  1.  The idyllic setting of life on the farm provides little clue of the harsh realities George

Orwell portrays in Animal Farm.

After the first sentence, the following is the sentence containing your argument.

To introduce body paragraphs in the introductory paragraph, include one sentence of each body paragraph in the introductory paragraph. for example

  1. The Internet has made this possible by extending the office into the home.
  2. Orwell’s choice of pigs as the leaders of the farm can hardly be incidental.


Complete the introductory paragraph with a brief summary or statement of the problem. For example:

  1.  Technological innovation has thus made the traditional workplace obsolete.
  2.  George Orwell’s Animal Farm fascinates the reader through its extreme contrast between the idyllic and brutally realistic.

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