How to write a thesis?

The thesis is actually the last stage of the students’ activity in their field of study. By studying a student’s thesis, one can see to what extent he/she has mastered the content of his/her field of study and knows the principles of research methodology, research question, finding research gaps, and referencing.

All the academic, research, and study skills that a student has acquired during his/her undergraduate studies can be partially recognized in his/her dissertation.

Definitely, a thesis that has editing issues, superficial answers to research questions, and lacks professional reference to peer-reviewed papers shows the student’s academic weaknesses, and inadequate tutoring skills pf the consulting professor. Thus, such a thesis cannot be a trump card for the student who is graduating.

So, it is very important for the student to start writing his/her thesis at least one year before graduation and learn the principles. Graduate students should learn the research methodology and the principles of writing a thesis provided by the offered courses.

Expectations of Ph.D. students are greater. Because they have successfully authored and defended at least one undergraduate or graduate theses. But, writing a doctoral dissertation, has its own criteria and the universities are far more restricted on their Ph.D. students’ theses than those of bachelor or master students.

1. Find a novel idea

Any good thesis starts with a good idea. It is not possible for you to write a good, defensible and referable thesis without having a good idea. When you resort to repetitive and routine ideas, you will miss the chance to be referred to by other researchers.

The first step in writing a good thesis is to review good ideas. Pay enough attention to this issue and try to find creative ideas and work in innovative ways to develop your thesis.

Try to come up with an interesting and creative solution or approach with innovative scientific work. This will make it possible for your paper to be referenced by other researchers. The more references are made to your work, the more your work will be noticed and you will be offered opportunities, such as scholarships, admissions, and employment in various companies and institutions.

2. Do Not See It Only as a Degree

One of the biggest disadvantages of a dissertation is that a student is only thinking about passing the course and obtaining a degree although they are spending their time and money on it. In fact, looking at it this way will deprive her/him of future opportunities that are far more important than a grade.

But if a student plans and directs her/his writing from the beginning of writing her/his thesis regarding the standards of academic circles, especially companies and institutions in the field of study, she/he will be offered great opportunities in the future as well.

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