Articles are usually subjected to editing even if they were previously peer-reviewed. In fact, articles are usually edited for a couple of times to eliminate their probable errors. The editing process of a journal highly depends on financial resources. The journals with limited budget usually employ one editor or ask their general editorial board to do the editing. In such cases, a member of an editorial board may voluntarily provide editing services which lead to a high volume of tasks. On the other hand, they might not be highly skillful in editing resulting in obvious mistakes. In this regard, editing services are mainly provided in three different types.

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Mechanical editing

In this type of editing, the editor looks for the proper structure of an article. For instance, the editor checks all pages of the article, the affiliation of authors and the order of names, as well as tables and figures. This type of editing can be done by a secretary.

Copy editing

This type involves editing the grammatical structures and spelling as well as citation correction. In this process, the readability and accuracy of the article are enhanced based on the guideline of the journal. This process sometimes entails the design and illustration of the final draft. Therefore, copy editing needs professional linguistic editors knowing about the guideline of the scientific journal. In some journals, copy editing comprises.

Technical editing

 In this type of editing, the manuscript is edited with regard to the cohesion and coherence. Therefore, what counts in this stage is the consistency of the content as well as organized structures of the article. After technical editing is performed, the authors are informed about the probable problems. Technical editing enhances the quality of the article, which sometimes contains mechanical editing and copy editing.

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