English Writing Tips

If you want to write any type of report or article in English, first of all, you should know the grammatical rules of English.

Whether you’re writing about the usages of antibiotics in the future or just reporting on climate change throughout history, it’s important to make your writing flawless.

For this purpose, it is necessary to observe the most important rules of English grammar. Continue reading this article to learn useful tips on writing.  These will help you convey your intended message in the most efficient manner.

Unfortunately, it is a little difficult for many people who are not English speakers to write articles in English. Because these laws are different and sometimes can be complex. The following are some of these important tips.

Before we start, you should know that most editing services, such as the one we offer in DoNotEdit company, can correct the grammatical errors of your text. However, knowing the grammatical rules of English grammar can help you write a better article. But in the end, it is best to have your articles edited by professional editors.

Four Important English grammar tips for writing reports

1. How to Use Articles (A / An / The) in Your Writing

One of the important points to keep in mind when writing in English is the correct usage of the articles.

There are two types of articles in English:

definite article: the
indefinite article: a/an

The definite article is used for names that have already been mentioned in the text. But the indefinite article is used for names that we are referring to for the first time.

Remember that using “a” or “an” depends on the first letter of the word or name. If the first letter of the name starts with a vowel, use the article “an” and if the word starts with a consonant use the article “a”. For example, “a bird” or “an owl”.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the pronunciation of the word is also important. For example, a word like hour begins with a consonant letter but is read with a vowel. That’s why the indefinite article “an” is used for it. The same rule applies to a word like unicorn, which uses the letter “a” to define it.

The indefinite article “the” is also used for specific cases, such as before superlative adjectives.

Example: You are the smartest person in this group.

Also,” the” when you want to name sequential numbers, such as the first, second, and last.

Example: I am the fifth child.

Besides, you can use it for the definition of geographical areas is similar.

Example: The Nile is a long river.

2. subject and verb agreement

Since the subject is the performer of the act, it is important for the verb to be in harmony with the number and gender of the subject.

Example: Mary Plays the piano. In this sentence, Mary is the female single subject, so the verb should be “plays” if used at the present time to indicate singularity, gender, and time.

Now if the subject of the sentence were two people, the verb should also have been plural, in which there would no longer be a “s” at the end of the verb, and the sentence would be as follows: Mary and Jane play the piano. In some cases, there may be two subjects who are listed with “or” and “nor” which requires a singular verb.

Example: Either Mary or Jane is writing the article. Or Neither Mary nor Jane is writing the article.

There are also situations where the subject represents a community. For example, the family appears as a plural noun, but requires a singular verb.

Example: The family is immigrating to Canada.

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