How plagiarism can be prevented in the articles?

Training researchers is the most important factor in preventing plagiarism.

prevention of plagiarismFor the articles to be plagiarism-free, we must first completely know all the related types and the way they occur.

In our country, there are many articles containing plagiarism rejected by journals due to the lack of the author’s familiarity with the issue. How do the journals recognize the articles with plagiarism?

The use of plagiarism checker software, such as iThenticate or equipped with DOI is one of the most important things that journals can perform to prevent plagiarism.

Therefore, in order to be ensured from the lack of inappropriate texts that will reduce the chance of publishing and even punishing the journals, please send us your article and to be reviewed. Make sure you are working with an institute that is a member of the World Organization for Ethics in Research and sufficient security is considered in sending the relevant literature.

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