How to become a good scientific article writer?

1. Read a lot of articles. In order to gain a deep insight into writing and managing the structure of your article, you need to read a large number of articles in your field of interest. It is recommended to look for articles in reliable databases, such as PubMed.

research paper editing,edit academic paper,edit paper English,paper editing2. Replicate the groundbreaking studies in your field

It is common among researchers to replicate a study. In fact, replication helps the improvement of the study and enhance the accuracy of the replicated work. Therefore, the obtained results can be generalized with a higher level of certainty. To this end this, you can re-implement the questionnaires and tools for the research and report your results in a paper.

  1. Send the article for conferences.

Submission of your paper to different conferences can be a good article writing class. In fact, when you submit an article for a conference, you can attend without presenting the article. In case your article is rejected, you lose nothing.

  1. Write a poorly written article.

Writing a poor article is better than not writing it, so start writing the article as soon as possible.

  1. Ask other students/friends to review your article.

After you finish writing a paper, ask a student with the experience of article writing to review your work. In this way, you can recognize the pitfalls of your study and know more its weakness. As a result, this is the best way to learn writing.

  1. Follow the standard structure of the articles.

Follow the standard structure of the article based on the journal you are wishing to submit the article.


  1. The first paper is not the most complete article. Discard details.

Scientific articles have a lot of details. Details include the type of studies need to be mentioned in the introduction and the style of writing the captions for the tables and figures. Your writing improves as you gradually write more article.

  1. Work as a team.

You do not need to all different types of statistical software. You can ask other individuals to help you in this regard. Even professional researchers do not know the statistical software. It’s suggested to write the first article as a team.

  1. Participate in workshops

Participation in writing workshops will be useful, but if you first start writing the article before you take part in the workshop and learn the basics. Workshops provide the chance to complete your information and find the answers to the questions.

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