How to write a more readable scientific article

Despite the fact that writing books do not describe how can write articles explicitly, they are very valuable in order to express the correct way of writing clear articles and containing useful information.

How to write a more readable scientific article?More importantly, such books carry an important message that authors should write for readers, not for themselves. Of course, still many medical articles still contain long and vague content that misleads most readers and even those who have an academic knowledge about the subject.

Certainly, there are some limitations in the form and structure of scientific papers. In a scientific paper, in addition to considering the points that are required by various journals, the introduction, materials, methods, results, and discussion should be considered. The expression of the results in sentences in the passive form help to be non-personal, and the necessity of using different references prevents the text of the article from being well followed. However, these rules are so flexible that you can write an article that contains interesting and useful content.

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