Peer review of scientific journals

The peer review of an article is, in fact, the precise evaluation of a scientific project. The peer review enhance the validity, quality, and accuracy of the scientific content of an article.Peer review of scientific journals In recent years, the importance of peer review has also grown dramatically since technological advancements have increased the demand for the rapid publication of scientific articles.

Single blind peer review

Single blind peer review is the most common type of reviewing an article, in which the names of reviewers are not disclosed to the authors. The reviewers in this method are not affected by the authors and their position, and accordingly they can make impartial decisions about the article. Moreover, reviewers can review the previous published articles of the authors to reach objective judgments.  However, the reviewers may abuse their anonymity to provide inaccurate opinions about the work of authors. Moreover, the authors are worried that reviewers who work in the same field could delay the publication of the article by rejecting it and publishing a similar article sooner.

Despite the probable chance of biased decisions in this method, it is still the com common method of reviewing an article worldwide.

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