How is it possible to pose a precise question?

  1. Preliminary and comprehensive studies on the general subject

General information about a topic leads to pose a question. More information results in a more precise question.

How is it possible to pose a precise question2. Separation of the research subject from research question

The research topic is more extensive than the research question and from which several questions can be chosen.

  1. Time specification

Selecting a time period for a particular topic should be reasonably performed and any specifications are not acceptable.

  1. Content specification

It is based on cohesion and coordination, reliable connection, and the absence of contradiction in the subject details.

  1. Geographical specification

In this regard, the study should focus on one or more specific geographical regions.

  1. Multiple specifications

Two or more segmentations are simultaneously performed to limit the various aspects of a subject. The main purpose of specification is to organize the thoughts, and the conclusion can be drawn after the logical segmentations of subjects and combination of multiple questions.

  1. Dividing questions to sub-questions

In order to facilitate answering, the question should be divided into sub-questions, and then the most basic part should be identified. However, some questions cannot be divided into sub-questions.

  1. Forming a question

Posing a research statement as a question can help determine the main research question. This prepares the ground to clarify the question by introducing a preliminary response and maintain the research continuity.

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