June 20, 2021

Pre-submission services

Drafting the manuscript is the first step of entering publishing process. So, it is very important to perform it appropriately. In this step, our expert medical editors will help you to polish your manuscript, make it edited, literally and scientifically, check the structure, the journal requirements and also the citations. This step helps you to make sure that your manuscript will not fast rejected by journal editors to the basic items that one scientific medical essay should respect.

This package contains four major services that you need before submitting your manuscript to a journal. These include English editing, Reference check, Artwork correction, and Scientific editing.

The English Editing service helps you to have a manuscript free of language-related errors. We modify all the mistakes related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, language flow, etc. Moreover, you will be provided with the editing certificate on demand.

Some journals have specific guidelines that must be observed in all submitted manuscripts. These include instructions on the style of references, the format of tables and figures, and some other niceties, such as size and font style. Therefore, by ordering this package you will no longer be worried about the fulfillment of these requirements. 

The Scientific Editing service in this package is offered by an experienced editor who is an expert in the subject matter of your manuscript. Therefore, a scientific editor will remove the technical issues of your manuscript including erroneous technical terms. S/he peruses your manuscript carefully and will let you know if there are any technical mistake or logical contradictions in your work that needs to be modified before submission.

Therefore, the combination of these four services will let you have an impeccable manuscript that will please any reviewer.