Provision of satisfactory conditions for draft article submission

Draft articles are the raw materials of a scientific journal without which, journal will cease publication. Many scientific journals start as quarterly; however, their publication may end in failure due to non submission of sufficient drafts in the absence of a thorough planning.

Numerous journals are always out there to publish the draft article. In other words, different scientific journals compete for high quality articles and these kinds of articles are always submitted to scientific journals with regular reviews, quick acceptance or rejection, and a respectful and permanent relationship between the journal and writers.

If a sufficient number of articles are not submitted to a scientific journal, this journal should be integrated into one of the scientific journals published on the same subject.

In order to  maintain their publication, scientific journals must choose some strategies to earn writers’ trust. The public trust will be lost if publications of a scientific journal are limited to the articles of some writers in a special scientific society or university.

General guidelines, provision of efficient services for writers, and a transparent method for draft submission are some effective measures for receiving more articles.

The following methods are applied by different scientific journals in an attempt to increase writers’ trust.

  • Draft article must be submitted in the most efficient and straightforward way.
  • Scientific journals must make an attempt to establish strong links with different scientific societies.
  • There is a variety of articles in every issue of the scientific journal.
  • Readers and writers contribute to the content of the journal by sending letter to editors.
  • There is an innovative structure in the scientific journal.
  • Other subjects like book reviews, news, and scientific congresses must be added to the content of the journal.
  • Journal must be published regularly.

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