Purpose and hypothesis of the study

The basis of a study is its purpose and hypothesis, which are directly drawn from the subject of the research. This means that the purpose of research directs the way through which research should be conducted to reach the goal.

What is the content of the purpose of the research?

The general purpose and the specific goals are precisely defined by the title of the study. Although all parts of research have their own purposes, this section (the purpose of research) objectively describes the following sections.

General purpose:

The general purpose is what the researcher aims to achieve at the end of the study. As a result, the clearer the general purpose, the more obvious the research plan. The general objectives are written in a separate, specific and accurate statement, with exact words that can be clearly measurable.

When writing a general goal, the time and place of the study should also be mentioned. The control group should also be defined. In general, there are two types of control groups, as follows:

  1. The first type deals with the posterior and anterior status of a patient or the sample group. In this regard, the pre and post experimental status of samples are compared. The problem with this method is that it is difficult to conduct a double-blind study, where the subjects are not aware of being divided as control or case groups.
  2. The other type includes patients who receive no treatment or a different type of treatment. When comparing two substances or two devices, the case that is older and more common is considered as a control for the other group. The important point is that it is not reliable to trust the memory of patients in determining their status before the study. Another important point during writing general goals is to define the definitions of controversial words. This means that there can be words in the title or the general purpose which sound ambiguous to the reader.  

Specific Objectives:

As stated above, the general purpose is the sole purpose of conducting a research study. However, to achieve this goal, the researcher needs to divide the general goal into smaller parts. Therefore, the general goal is perceived as the sum of its smaller parts. In other words, the researcher must achieve smaller goals at each stage to achieve the general goal of the study. The criterion to write the specific goals are the operational definition of the keywords of the general purpose.

Practical purposes:

The implication of the research is sometimes considered as a practical purpose. It is important to note that the purpose of research should not address the research design as although the general goal originates from the method and type of study. Therefore, the inferred purpose of study can signify the research design.

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