Review process of international journals

Scientific journals announce their decision on accepting or rejecting an article or its need for revision almost 3-6 months after submission.

Review process of international journalsA scientific paper may be accepted without any needs for revision; however, this happens less frequently. Most of the times, the articles should be reviewed and revised. These papers are conditionally accepted; in other words, the authors are requested to change some important but minor points according to the reviewers’ comments prior to full acceptance. The editor-in-chief specifies a time limit for the author to make the necessary modifications.

In case of a long interval between the submission and revision stages, authors should update the references. Effort should be made to submit the revised manuscript before the specified time. If, in a particular case, it is not possible to modify article as desired by the journal, you can write to the editor and explain the reasons. It is better to review the article again after making the necessary corrections and ensuring about the consideration of all reviewers’ comments.

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