How to prepare a questionnaire

A questionnaire is an instrument for gathering information and data in research and dissertations. Therefore, we need to know different stages of the research and research methodology to prepare the questionnaire.

How to prepare a questionnairePrinciples for the preparation of the questionnaire:

  • Research questions should be consistent with the purpose of research.
  • Research hypotheses need to be specifically designed, meaning that independent and dependent variables should be clearly defined.
  • For hypotheses testing, five or six questions in different formats (e.g., Likert, Bogdos, and Guttmann) are usually designed for each hypotheses.
  • The reliability of the questions is then assessed using Cronbach’s alpha.

This process of questionnaire generation makes statistical analysis easy. It is not necessary to write research hypotheses in the final questionnaire. The researcher can add demographic questions (e.g., age, education, place of residency) at the beginning or at the end of the questionnaire.

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