Some tips about writing thesis introduction

  • Do not mention the results of study in the introduction.
  • Use the active forms of the verbs as much as possible.
  • Avoid using the first person pronoun.

Some important tips about writing thesis introduction

  • While writing, expressing a subject that has been accepted and proved, use the present tense verbs and in sections referring to previous studies use the past tense verbs.
  • If you quote something, put it inside the quotation marks.
  • Do not use rare abbreviations.
  • Nothing can disappoint the reader faster than the senseless abbreviated symptoms or referring to illnesses, medications, reports, or places that the reader does not “know”.
  • Avoid repeating the key words too much because it negatively affects the readability of the introduction
  • Pay attention to the connection of study title and the issue in question, and do not overlook this important point while writing the paper.
  • “Write for the audience; not for yourself”. Sometimes the authors do not pay enough attention to what they want to say to their audience. They start writing and hope the readers will find out the important points and do not protest. This is particularly common in papers written by specialists for general practitioners.

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