Diversity in Editorial Board

One of the basic principles to get your journal indexed is to invite international and recognized editorial board.Diversity in Editorial Board

Possessing international editorial board as the primary criteria mentioned in the Society of indexers, helps the journal impact factor improve.

However, to include international editorial board in the journal is one of the main reasons of the journal rejection at initial stages. Conventionally, the editorial board was divided into two categories: the active editors and the ceremonial ones.

On the one hand, editorial board which is consisted of academic and active members plays a leading role in indexation of the journal. On the other hand, given the high prevalence of ceremonial editorial boards, journal indexers consider it as a drawback and mention it as one of the reasons to reject journal indexation.

In some cases, the journal indexers in the initial stage of evaluation, criticize the journal and the publisher for the presence of well-known and ceremonial editors, who are not active in the process of journal editing. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to invite international editorial boards merely for their recognition and specialties.

According to the recent indexer supervisions, it seems that ceremonial editors are forbidden to be included in the editorial board list.

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