Some tips about the cost of publishing articles in journals

According to the financial needs of journals for their survival, the use of income-generating methods is a natural phenomenon.

Some tips about the cost of publishing articles in journalsMost journals are affiliated to valid organizations or universities and by receiving funding, publish articles free of charge. In contrast, financially independent journals receive a fee for publishing and reviewing, on the other hand, they receive a cost for accessing the full text of articles. The costs that researchers may pay for publishing articles in journals is usually as follows:

The cost of Processing Fee or Submission – Open Access Fee, by paying this fee the journals will not receive any payments for accessing this article. This option, while allowing easier access to your article, increases the chances of citation.

 The cost of fast reviewing- Sometimes it takes about 3 to 6 months to review the articles, in such cases, journals will receive the cost of quick judgment to do the process in less time.

Please be careful! Quick review does not mean accepting your article in the journal!

The cost of publishing- Sometimes journals will receive a separate fee for publishing the article after confirmation.

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