Article Review Process

Your article may be accepted promptly by the chief editor of journal. This occurs rarely when your research idea has a novelty. After initial screening and prioritization by the editor or editorial board, the manuscript would be sent to a few expert reviewers for further evaluations.

The role of the chief editor in improving the reviewing processReferees are obligated to review the article and announce their comments within a deadline. Usually, a form is given to the referee, so that it can be checked pristine, quality, weaknesses, and strengths of the manuscript.

The opinions of the referees should be completely impartial. Several journals try to get closer to this goal by hiding the name of the authors of the article that they are reviewing. While hiding the name of the referee from the author is a common practice, some journals will ask you to suggest your article referees.

Today, the issue of proposing referees has become a growing trend among journals. To find referees, the best way is to use your article references because your results are in line with their ones. The important point is that you do not have the right to contact the referees you choose, even if you are familiar with them.

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