Structure of a Descriptive Research Paper

The methods employed in descriptive research are different from those of field research. So their principles of writing and their structures are different as well. Also, these principles might differ based on the chosen topic. But the general principles of writing descriptive research are the same. Read our article to get familiar with them.

Structure of a Descriptive Research Paper


First of all, the author must present the reader with a general view of the subject of the study, like a field research paper. This includes the statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, and the significance of the study. The researcher must also provide a review of related literature in this section. In the end, the author should close the introduction with an explanation of the aims and goals of the present study. In other words, the research questions must be explained to the reader.


In this section, the author explores the essence of the stated problem. Besides, the subtopics are recognized, introduced and distinguished from one another, based on their relation to the main topic of the research. In writing this part of the paper, the authors must pay close attention to the content and follow certain principles. For instance, the content should be logical, creative, and coherent. Also, the author should make sure that the whole discussion is in accordance with the main topic, subtopics have a reasonable relation and are not devious from the main topic, and general statements are avoided. It is also better to base the discussion on scientific theories. In order to keep away from vagueness, the author should avoid summarizing, and explain everything clearly.


In this section, the researcher must reach a reasonable and logical conclusion. The conclusion should not be biased or take sides. it must link the results to the arguments already talked about in the literature review. Besides, the conclusion should present strategies and suggestions for future research, specifying the role of results in advancing fundamental and applied sciences.

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