Structure of a Field Research Paper

The general methods and principles governing the reports of scientific research are all based on scientific methods. The American Psychological Association (APA) has provided the authors with a standardized model to facilitate the transfer of research results.

The authors can use these principles to prepare their research reports. Almost all top journals in the field of human sciences use them in preparing and arranging their research papers. Each section is briefly explained in the following.

Structure of a Field Research Paper


A scientific paper begins with an introduction, which is a summary of the first and second chapters of the theses and dissertations. It provides a brief outline of the research and its background. Thus, the introduction includes a brief overview of the research problem and its purpose. In this section, the author also examines the research background which is directly related to the subject of the research. The introduction should provide a basic logic for the research and show the reader that this research is the logical continuation of previous studies. Finally, the author should draw a conclusion from the review of related literature, the researcher should clearly state his research questions and define the research variables in a practical manner.


The main purpose of the methodology section is to report in detail how the research is conducted. So that it is possible for the reader to repeat it and judge the validity of the results. For this purpose, the author should describe the details in a careful manner. This includes the participants, research tools, research design, and data analysis methods


This section should provide a brief description of the study’s achievements. Besides, this section should also include the statistical information of the research. The best way to achieve this goal is to display the data through a figure, chart, or table. The structure of the results section is usually based on the logical order of the questions or hypotheses. It also depends on whether the hypotheses are confirmed. The authors should mention results either in the order of the questions or their hypotheses, or the order of their importance. The most common way is to mention the results in order of their importance. So that first the most important and interesting findings and then the less important ones are presented.


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