The Guidelines for the membership in COPE

COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) is an international community that promotes all aspects of publishing ethics for editors, publishers, and all members involved in publishing.

The Guidelines for the membership in COPEThis committee was founded in 1997 by a small group of editors of medical journals in the UK, but now it has more than 9,000 members from all over the world and in all disciplines. The ethics committee publishes recommendations for all aspects of publishing ethics for journals and publications, and in particular how to deal with research and publishing misconduct. The committee does not deal with individual issues instead it encourages editors to ensure that the case is reviewed by a specialized group.

The journal must have the following characteristics to be verified by COPE

  1. Website and title of the journal
  2. Information on the ownership and management of the journal
  3. The board and editorial team
  4. Copyright and Licensin
  5. Identification of the unethical issues
  6. Publication ethics
  7. Peer review process
  8. Writing team / contact information
  9. Publishing schedule

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