Making more attractive articles to read by authors

  • Send informative and persuasive messages to all authors

The key role of authors to get more people to read their articles

Provide a list of published articles on the Web of science database along with motivational reasons and send them to the authors. They can be used in their articles as references. Moreover, the authors can use rewards for individuals who use the list of articles in their manuscripts. For example, to publish their articles earlier than expected or increase their chances of article submission to the upcoming issues.

  • Send informative and persuasive messages to the authors whose articles have no citations.

After reviewing the citation reports, the editors send emails to the authors whose articles have no citations. The editors highlight the effect of the scientific h index and the impact factor on the scientific quality of each article.

  • Send informative and persuasive messages to authors of newly-published articles

 In these cases, it is possible to increase the number of citation in the article considering incentive options for the authors. The editors can send e-mails to the authors of newly-published articles. The authors can be informed that if they cite the listed articles during the reviewing process, they will benefit from discounts and advantages, such as publishing time earlier than expected.

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