What is cross-referencing?

The cross-reference, developed in 2000, is known as a referral structure of articles and is one of the agencies that provide the DOI code.

What is cross-referencing?This company was first designed by John Wiley and his sons and Academic Press in collaboration with the DOI International Institute to register the DOI Code for research journals.

Cross-reference enables researchers to easily switch from one article to another by one or more clicks, even though that article is in other journals. In addition, the publisher is responsible for paying the cost and the readers do not need to pay. The cross-referencing for each service defines a separate charge. The company also has cross-check and cross-brand services. Cross-check is actually a service provided by iThenticate, which is provided by cross-reference for publishers to check the authenticity of the sent articles and is, in fact, a sort of plagiarism checker. The existence of a Cross-check logo means that a publisher has to do whatever it takes to determine the originality of a post. iThenticate, apart from the cross-checker, offers another service for writers and authors to check their manuscript for plagiarism.

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