Acceptance and publication of the article

After accepting the article and pre-publishing it, the final edition is done, which is dependent on journals. Acceptance and publication of the article

This edition includes: spelling correction, punctuation check, refinement of sentences, eliminating grammatical ambiguities, and examining those sections with a high probability of error such as Abstract, Statistical Analysis, Figures, Tables, and References. 

In the editorial office of several journals, fixing these bugs is given to the technical editor. After this step, a ready to published version of the article is presented to you for final review. At this point, your article, even in terms of layout, is like a final copy which is published in the journal.

You need to read each word very accurately to find all possible mistakes, especially in the Tables. If there is a mistake in the printed version of the journal, it will be your sole responsibility. You are not allowed to make major changes at this stage. You can change maximum one or two words. Some journals have specific guidelines for modifying the pre-printed version of the article that you should consider them.

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