DoNotEditWelcome to Do Not Edit, we deliver medical research services as our primary occupation everyday. Do Not Edit is powered by experienced subject-expertise editors editing more than 50k words per day. We are the publisher of more than 40 medical journals archived in PubMed, ISI, and SCOPUS. Therefore, our experts can help you within your publication journey with their deep understanding of medical journal’s policy and requirements. We are also a member of WHO, COPE, WAME, and ICHME and respect their regulations in medical publishing. Years of experience in working with various journals and authors have endowed us with treasured experience in delivering quality services to our clients tailored to their needs. Therefore, with Do Not Edit, you don’t need to edit your manuscript; we do it for you at an affordable price and convenient time.


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We provide editing, translation, illustration, and publication support services to individual researchers and over 40 medical journals. We also promote journal websites in terms of content and graphics. Furthermore, we can index journals at international databases such as ISI, PubMed, and SCOPUS.  We initially started out our activity in the mid-2000s and are known to many journals in the region. Our team members are professional academic and scientific proofreaders with many years of hands-on experience dealing with various types of documents. Our editors have experience helping non-native English speakers perfect their scientific texts. We operate on a policy of transparency. Our pricing is easy to understand, and we are proud to show the expertise of our scientific and medical editors. Our mission is to provide the highest quality scientific writing and editing services, together with exceptional customer service, accessible to scientists around the world.


Do Not Edit is the brand name of ZamenPub®, which is a Journal publisher delivering services to both journals and authors. Our mission is to provide high-quality publishing services to the journals, including submission system, as well as pre-, within-, and post-publication services. Moreover, we provide parallel services to the scholar authors intending to publish their manuscript by offering various editing, proofreading, artwork, graphic, and reference checking services. We have started our mission since 2005 and are honored that our service teams are comprised of qualified expert medical research members, who have been recognized for their passion in delivering the most quality services in due time. We support more than 40 medical journals that are rapidly increasing every week. Years of working with different journals and authors have equipped us with a full realization of their needs. This strength has facilitated us to provide our clients with a comprehensible support and accelerate the process of fulfilling their expectations.

A letter from the editor-in-chief

Writing medical articles may seem daunting for junior researchers, particularly in medicine. When entering the medical school as a researcher or a faculty member, they may wonder what a medical paper should contain. They are clueless about the process of proofreading, submitting, and  revising a medical paper.

We would like to tell you that it is more than easy to learn the structure of medical papers. In medical articles, research objectives, research hypothesis,  literature review, methods, statistical tests, results, discussion and conclusion should be included. Here is the presentation of all the items required in a medical paper. Continue reading “A letter from the editor-in-chief”

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