Twelve steps to perform a scientific research

  •  Identify your favorite research field
  • Search all the research field in databases and information channels, such as the web
  • Find at least 50 abstracts and use the keywords to search in databases

  • Using citation databases, such as Scopus, ISI, Google Scholar, and setting articles based on the number of citations (indicating the validity and importance of the article)
  • Download or borrow the related and selected articles and books, and study them accurately
  • Find other articles through the index of downloaded articles
  • Provide outline and timetable (specifying exactly what you want to do and how)
  • If needed, contact the authors and experts for the exchange of the views
  • If possible, apply for a grant and demand for research and laboratory facilities (such as software, testing equipments, laboratory materials and tools, etc.)
  • Study implementation
  • Record the results and details during the implementation process
  • Write research and publish it in form of a paper, dissertation or technical report

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