Evaluation process of scientist articles

After the submission of the article, in case the manuscript meets the journal standards, the editor-in-chief of the journal will invite the reviewers to review the submitted paper.

Evaluation process of scientist articles The review process begins after the reviewers accept the invitation to review. Under this condition, the status of the article would be designated as “Under review”.

A number of reviewers are usually selected for each article. After the completion of the review process, depending on the reviewers’ opinions, the authors will receive an email to be informed whether the manuscript has been admitted, revised, or rejected.

When an article is accepted, the submitted version is sent for publication.

The request for revision can be categorized into minor revision (such corrections as punctuation and spelling or correction of some sentences to better understand the article) and major revision (content and conceptual errors).

Furthermore, if the submitted manuscript lacks sufficient novelty or originality and the presented evidence is not strong enough to support the findings, the article will be rejected by the reviewers.

An article can be rejected in two forms: rejection before review, rejection after review. It should be noted that, when an article is rejected by the journal, the authors are informed about the reasons for rejection.

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