Post-submission tips of an article

Most scientific journals are now equipped with journal management systems. In this regard, as soon as an author submits an article to a journal, s/he receives an automatic thank you e-mail. Some journals have stricter rules and ask for the e-mail address of all the authors involved in the article. Therefore, after submission, the thank you notes will be sent to all the author not the submitting author as a means of validating the authors’ identity.

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The submitted articles undergo different processes depending on the submitted journals. In some journals, the article is first sent to the editor-in-chief and then the review process starts. In case the article does not serve the main missions of the journal, it is immediately rejected. However, in some other journal, the process is totally different. In fact, the article is initially received by a scientific editor and then sent to the editor-in-chief for further decisions based on the comment in the review process. In case the article is rejected in this step, the only thing the researcher can do is submitting the article for another journal.

Some journals ask the authors to introduce two or three reviewers, which helps them to expand their bank of reviewers. The managing editor should consider the comments of reviewers (e.g., on methodology, content, and the structure) and send them to the editor-in-chief. At this stage, the editor-in-chief makes the final decision in the following forms:

  • Acceptance without major changes: When an article is accepted the researcher need to pay concerted attention to the comments of the reviewers and provide meticulous replies for the comments.
  • Rejected articles with major changes: In this phase, the article is rejected; however, the article can be accepted after major changes. Therefore, the authors are recommended to modify the changes and re-submit the articles.
  • Rejected articles: When the article is not within the scope of the journal, the journals usually send an e-mail to the authors informing that the article is not suitable for publication and the authors can send the article to other journals.

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