Tips for the post-review process of an article

The review process of an article may take several months to complete. However, when an article is reviewed, the authors are usually required to provide their replies to the comments of the reviewers in less than 2 weeks. In case the authors fail to follow this process, their article would be rejected and it should again be subjected to the review process.

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In most cases, authors can check on the progress of their paper by logging into the online journal system. However, most journals also send an email to inform the authors of the status of the submitted manuscript. Therefore, the reviewers’ comments are usually enclosed in an e-mail including a thank you note for the author. The authors should provide precise answers to the reviewers’ comments. While replying to the comments, the authors might think that the reviewers did not fully understand a section or make biased comments. In such cases, the authors should be fully aware of the fact that the reviewers are professional educated scholars in the field, and therefore they should provide clear answers to eliminate possible ambiguities.

After the acceptance of an article for publication, the articles should be prepared for the offprints and illustrations. After the final approval for publication, the final draft is sent for the proof to the corresponding author. The system shows an HTML version of the article that the authors can correct online for 3-5 days. It is worth mentioning that minor revisions are accepted at the proof stage; therefore, the authors are not allowed to make major changes to the accepted article. Authors need to check the author/editor names very carefully to ensure correct spelling, correct sequence of given and family names, and that the given and family names have been correctly designated. After all the changes were meticulously made, the scientific editor of the journal needs to confirm the changes and sends the file to the linguistic editor. Afterward, the paper would be ready for publication.

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