Statement of the problem

This section includes the last stage of topic selection that is embedded in the third chapter of the research thesis.

Statement of the problem This section aims to explain the research process, and it helps justify ourselves, our colleagues, any readers, audiences, and reviewers. Statement of the problem allows the researcher to contemplate on the topic and systematically define and design the problem to satisfy the audiences, especially those who fund the project.

The content of problem statement:

What is the problem?

The researcher starts with a statement of a problem or the research issue.

The significance of the problem:

The researcher continues the issues regarding the prevalence and extent of the problem using existing statistics.

The amount of current awareness:

In the next step, the researcher determines the ways of dealing with the issues and clarifies the current solutions for the problem. Moreover, s/he elaborates the amount of awareness toward the existing problems.

Complications that can arise from the persistence of the problem:

In this section, the researcher mentions the complications and consequences resulted from the stated problem in such a way that the reader recognizes the importance of the subject.

What is the solution?

In this section, the solutions and the services are provided. The researcher mentions the lack of required information and research scarcity on the topic. Furthermore, s/he explains the way the research is going to be conducted to tackle the studied issues.

Provide a research plan:

It is necessary to explain the title of the project and indicate the time and setting as possible.

What are the benefits of conducting research?

Finally, the implications of the study and the way the results can be utilized to deal with the issues are presented in order to pave the ways for further research.

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