Research topic selection

The initial step in research process is to find a problem or question in a particular subject area.

Research topic selectionActually, research problem is the main factor provoking a researcher to plan for the implementation of a study with the aim of finding a solution.

Purpose and importance of topic selection

Although solving any problems or finding the answer to any questions is important and valuable, given the wide variety of issues and problems in each society, it’s best to consider a problem that is facilitative in solving other problems as well. Therefore, the consideration of the health system research priorities that are determined by different centers can be helpful in this regard. On the other hand, the selection of a topic also depends on the researcher’s accessibility to the resources and facilities needed to carry out the project.

Content of research topic

The topic is indicative of the criteria to be considered. These criteria are divided into two main categories:


The practicality of a selected topic should be examined in four dimensions:

  • Sufficient financial resources
  • Skilled manpower
  • Proper facilities
  • Proper time

Avoiding replication

The subject of the research should be novel and not repetitive. Therefore, it is obvious that providing a repetitive answer not only is invaluable but also would lead to a failure to accept protocols in decision-making organizations. In this regard, it is necessary to refer to the literature and make sure of its novelty. However, it should be noted that the implementation of a similar study in a different geographical or time setting is not considered as replication. Therefore, this point should be emphasized during the statement of the problem. In addition, if a study is targeted toward the completion or correction of the shortcomings of the previous studies, it is still not a replication.

Timing issue

The time and speed of some studies should be consistent with the primary question and the initial request of the researcher. For example, if a disease occurs in a particular season; therefore, the speed and timing of the study should not be out of the epidemic season of the disease; otherwise, the obtained incidence rate will be incorrect.

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