The criteria for placing in authors list

The International Committee of Medical Journalists determined four criteria for being an author in the article, and a person who has all the four criteria can be considered a writer. These criteria are:

One of the major factors that affects the acceptance or rejection of articles in credible journals is similarity

  1. Significant participation in the design of the study or data collection, analysis, or interpretation.
  2. Writing the first draft of the article or modifying it in a significant and impressive way (scientific rather than literary!)
  3. Verification of the final version of the article (the full text of the article should be read and the whole project approved by the author).
  4. An agreement in which any questions about the integrity and precision of the project have already been examined and solved, and each author knows the role of others in this project.

Note: There is no special principle for the first author, but usually the first author has the greatest physical involvement (e.g., collecting data and writing the first draft of the article) in the project (such as a student), and the supervisor will usually be placed at the end of the list.

The supervisor is also introduced as the because it is assumed that he has proficiency on the whole subject and has the ability to answer the questions of experts and reviewers.

Generally, in an English-language article, the further right is the name of an author, the less physical involvement of the individual in the project and the higher the scientific position of the individual.

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