How to write a scientific article?

A scientific article is usually  published as a result of a rational, profound, focused, theoretical, practical, or mixed research, conducted by one or more people about a new subject, with a novel approach to obtain new results. 

Some useful tips to write conclusion of your thesisSuch a study is in fact a report of scientific findings that is prepared by the researcher to be presented to other researchers and experts. Remember that your research work is worthwhile when published and presented to others. The result of a study is not always the same as what we expect them to be (especially in biology majors). The researchers need to consider the scientific findings of the former researchers in order to expand their scientific findings. The research findings should be also accessible so that individuals can organize their scientific activities based on them.

An article should be:

  • Brief and usefulBrief 
  •  Up to date and comprehensive

The researchers can briefly explain their findings of a thesis, research, or even a book in a scientific article, so that other scholars can understand the issue by studying a single article, and then look for the whole research report if necessary.

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