Top tips to avoid article rejection

  • Poor writing and structure is one of the main reasons for rejecting papers. Perform several revisions prior to submission, seek help from peer reviewers who have excellent writing skills to check the language.

tips to avoid article rejection

  • Try to divide the message into smaller pieces in order to clearly convey the meaning. Short sentences can clarify meaning by eliminating ambiguity.
  • Check the manuscript for contradictions. Review the details of the text several times.
  • Before submitting the article, be sure that the manuscript fits the aim and scope of the journal. If not, seek help from Elsevier journal Finder. In case of being in the scope of ​​the journal, peruse the author’s manual; otherwise, search for another journal for submission.
  • The title is an important part of any research paper. Try to choose attractive as well as comprehensive title In addition, the result section should be clear. It should be noted that the exaggerated generalization of the results has detrimental effects on the success of the paper.

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