A person who consider as a author has three criteria:

Authorship1. A significant contribution to at least one of the following activities:

A) Provide a research idea or study design,

B) data collection;

C) Analysis and interpretation of data.

2. Contribution in the writing of an article by writing a draft of article or its critical review, which will lead to the revision of the scientific content of the paper.

3. Study and confirm the final article.

Note 1: In cases where a person or people have a significant contribution to the research or writing process, so that they seem to be competent to include in the authors list, but they do not have non of three criteria of authorship. Inserting the name of this person as the author is eligible by getting permission of the corresponding author and getting approved of the ethics committee of the university or the institute.

The corresponding author is required to be ensure of the consent of the other authors of the handwritten to insert the name of other person .

Note 2: All the authors should be responsible for the content of the article in all of the following areas:

  1. The accuracy of the content of article
  2. Commitment to the country’s general and specific ethical guides to protect human or animal rights in the study.
  3. Declare the conflict of interest in writing at the time of submitting the article.

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