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journal rejection

Journal Rejections: How Common Are They?

Irrespective of the researcher’s scientific profession, it is very common to be rejected by journals. The acceptance and rejection rate of scientific journals is an

research paper structure

The structure of a research paper

Academic papers are written based on a conventional pattern of format and language. In fact, most journals provide authors with guidelines for font type, font

opinion article

What is an Opinion Article?

People write opinion articles to share their views on a contemporary issue. But these articles should also have a significant contribution to the repository of


How Much Self-Plagiarism Is Allowed?

Most researchers believe that plagiarism can never be accepted. They also agree that some types of plagiarism are more serious than others. For example, complete

citation generators

Are Online Citation Generators Useful?

When preparing a manuscript, a citation generator can help you create a list of references and citations based on your preferred style. Scientific research is

research methodology

What is Research Methodology?

Research methodology is defined as a systematic way to solve a research problem by collecting data using various techniques, providing an interpretation of the collected

Fast Publication

Need Fast Publication? Read This Article

During the COVID-19 epidemic, the need for fast publication of papers was felt more urgent than before. There are obvious benefits to publishing research results

wiring clearly

Writing Clearly

Writing clearly means presenting your argument and evidence logically and creatively. If you put your noteworthy arguments in embellished prose, it might not attract enough

negative results

Can Negative Results Be Significant?

Any scientific research involves testing a hypothesis through an experiment. If the results of the experiment support the hypothesis, it is considered positive and worthy of publication.


What Is the H-index?

H-index, which was previously an obscure scholarly metric, has become the subject of heated public debate. The first time, it was declared that Bjorn Lomborg,

paper editing

Why Should I Use Paper Editing Services? Types of Editing Proofreading Our services include several forms of editing. Among them is proofreading, involving reviewing the paper only for typos, spellings, and

Using DOI in Citations

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier and is a string of letters, numbers and symbols used for identification of an article or document and link

About Peer Review

Many journals use peer review process as a screening process for manuscripts.  In majority of cases, students and young researchers try to publish their work

responding to reviewers

How to Respond to Reviewers

You will receive a letter with some comments from the editor after the submission of your manuscript to your target journal. This letter either means

How to Write an Abstract?

Researchers write abstracts to make a selection of their work for presentation at scientific gatherings such as conferences and seminars. Writing a good abstract is


Journal Indexing and DRJI Scores

Publishing scientific articles in indexed journals have one definite advantage: It ensures that all subscribers to that journal will read and cite your work. Because


Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

COPE stands for “the Committee on Publication Ethics” and is a forum of peer-reviewed journals to talk over matters related to the integrity of the

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