Statistical analysis in Medical Research

Statistical analysis in Medical Research

It is said that the price of the car has increased by a few percent compared to six months ago. Thirty percent of people with this disease are women. The income from the sale of this product has grown by 70% compared to the previous year. The unemployment rate in the country has decreased. It can be said that you have heard these sentences and many other similar ones at least once. Even in your daily life, it is not wrong to say that some of the words are dedicated to these numbers. These numbers, which are tied to our lives, have the same meaning as statistics. It is thought that telling and finding these statistics is possible in a simple way. But you need to know that these short sentences are related to statistical analysisIn fact, the results of detailed investigations and comprehensive and scientific researches of many specialists and experts in different fields are analyzed and finally, the results of this statistical analysis are provided to others in the form of official reports, news, articles, etc.

When it comes to statistics, you may think that due to its compatibility with mathematics, its application is limited to these fields. While statistics and statistical analysis are used in many industries, jobs, and disciplines and are presented in the form of charts and tables. Jobs, fields, and specialties such as marketing, sales, software production, financial planning, computer science, agriculture, sports, nutrition, medicine, pharmaceutical, and many other cases to display and present scientific and research results, use statistical analysis or data analysis during research. In the rest of this section, we will present some information about the relationship between statistics and medical research, and in other words, about statistical analysis in medicine.

Statistical analysis in Medical Research

Someone who specializes in one of the branches of the medical field or even someone else is interested in researching various medical topics, usually, the topic of their research is related to their expertise and interest. If you’re one of those people, you’ll probably attest to the fact that most research begins with a question, an inquiry, or a problem. Study and research continue to answer that research question or solve the problem.

The purpose of the research affects the choice of the best study method. So before you waste your precious time, it is better to design your study method. There are different methods of research. For example, observational study is one of them. After that, you start collecting data according to the principles and plan you specified. Data is the same content that is suitable for the subject of research and is used to help its purpose. Finding the right and reliable data is very important. When the result of the research is supposed to be effective in an important part of society, real data and sufficient samples must be used to achieve the desired result. Suppose you have entered a city. You are asked to find out how many people have heart disease. Without looking for the answer to this question, you cannot reach a correct and reliable result randomly and without any documents. Even if you asked two people directly about their illnesses, you are still not allowed to take their answers for everyone in town.

The sample size of the required data must be large enough to be used as a correct analytical result. In the following, we assume that a complete investigation of a medical issue has been ended. In the next step, you need statistical analysis to present the results better. Considering that every result is not capable of statistical analysis and cannot be cited, it is better to know more about the process of statistical analysis and also research qualified for statistical analysis. Usually, a statistical analysis needs to do the following list.

Statistical analysis in Medical Research
  • Sample size
The data you use in your research must have a sufficient sample. So that a correct conclusion can be reached from a specific society and it can be extended to larger societies. In order to have the right sample size, it is better to learn about the types of sampling plans or sampling methods to help you achieve the desired result.
  • Entering data
You may have used different methods to collect data. So that there is a huge amount of data in front of you. It is natural that you cannot carry out all these data manually and individually in your mind or even on paper to be checked. Thanks to technology, nowadays, by using different software that are dedicated to the same subject, you can easily leave the correct processing work to the software and machine by entering data into them. You will see the result in the shortest possible time and with the best quality.
  • Validation reviews
Another important issue that is very important in statistical analysis is data validation. Just because you have a lot of data, you can’t be sure of its validity. The logic and correctness of the data, their flawlessness, suitability to the research topic, and in general every case that is examined in the validation process, affects the quality of the analysis result. If you wish, you can get more information by referring to this link.
  • Using quantitative techniques
If in your research method, you use data that can be measured and calculated based on numbers that means you have quantitative data or quantitative research. In such cases to get better results and processing, you can use quantitative techniques related to this part. For example, using survey forms or questionnaires are examples of this method.
  • Interpretation of operational data
When it comes to operational data, this data must be clearly defined in all aspects. Don’t settle for just a simple concept of data. It is necessary to clearly explain how to evaluate, measure, and any other kind of interpretation of the data. When the goal of the research is very important, surely the ways to reach it must be reliable, valid, and unambiguous. You can use this link to get more information about possible statistical errors and how to avoid them.
  • Evaluation of diagnostic tests
Usually, diagnostic tests are used more in medical research. Therefore, if you have used diagnostic tests in your research, their evaluation becomes very important. The indicators used for evaluation should be useful and practical in obtaining the desired result.
  • Designing clinical trials
Similar to the previous step, if you have reached results in the process of your study and research using the design of various clinical trials, the accuracy of the available information must be reliable and reliable.
  • Preparation of tables and charts
Finally, after analyzing the medical data, which may have been done through an observational study, you display the results in the form of tables and graphs. Tables and graphs are actually the visual forms of research analysis. All the statistics that can be stated as a summary of this research finding can be presented in the form of tables and graphs.
Statistical analysis in Medical Research

According to what has been said, if you have done the research and you intend to convert its data into useful and usable information for the audience through statistical analysis, you definitely need an expert and familiar person in the field of statistical analysis.

Donotedit Company, in order to provide various research services to its audience, has launched a statistical analysis department. In this section, by using special software related to statistical analysis, such as SPSS, which is the most common of them, it starts analyzing the statistical data in the research and delivers its results with the best quality. Other software such as Minitab, S-Plus, and SAS are also used in this department.

You may even be preparing and compiling your thesis, which needs to be devoted to statistical analysis. In other situations, you may want to do your specialized statistical projects in the best way. You need complete information about statistics, free solutions related to statistical analysis, consulting, medical statistics, and more. If you are in one of these mentioned categories and you are looking for a person or a company to whom you can safely entrust the statistical analysis of your project or complete thesis, we recommend you to use the services of donotedit. You may be worried that the person you entrust the work to may be an expert in the field of statistical analysis, but may not have enough knowledge about the medical topic of your research. That’s why you hesitate to register a work order. Therefore, it is necessary to let you know that donotedit benefits from the capabilities, skills, experience, and expertise of people who have a Ph.D. in the field of Biostatistics, and their work experience and professional activity reach of more than 15 years.

So, if you had any doubts about receiving medical statistical analysis services from donotedit before this moment, you have reached full confidence by knowing this. If you want to know about the costs related to statistical analysis, it is better to refer to the page related to the costs of statistical analysis.

Masoud Shahabian MD. Emergency Medicine Specialist, R & D Unit, DoNotEdit Company.

By Masoud Shahabian MD.

Emergency Medicine Specialist, R & D Unit, DoNotEdit Company.

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