Components of a Proposal

A proposal is the plan of research and a researcher’s guide for executing the research. The purpose of writing a proposal is to get approval for conducting a research project and make it credible. So it is necessary for the researcher to provide the authorities and those who finance the project with a proposal.

Components of a Proposal

This proposal should contain the purpose of the study, research questions, and methodology, as well as the required time and costs of the project . The researcher should try her/his best to make it easy for the reviewers to understand the purpose and significance of the study.

Before executing the research, the researcher needs to include her/his personal information at the beginning of the proposal. This includes first and last name, occupation, current position, degrees, research activities, and work experiences. Besides it must provide information on the co-authors such as name, occupation, degree, and contribution to the study.

  1. Title

A research title should be short, informative, clear, and newsworthy. The title should start with phrases such as design, review, analysis, and model. It is better to include independent and dependent variables in the title. The research title should be up-to-date, relevant to the researcher’s field of study, efficient, and useful. Besides, the topic should be practical and in the interest of the researcher. It should also show the scope and timing of the research, as well as the purpose of the study.

  1. Significance of the Study

The researcher should consider the novelty of the research topic, its significance, and the ability of the researcher. Besides, she/he must be aware of the provision of material and information resources, and its cost-effectiveness. At this stage, the researcher should clarify the necessity and priority of this research for the target audience.

  1. Statement of the Problem

In this section, the researcher should try to entice the audience by asking tempting questions. She/he should try to create a challenge in the mind of his audience.

Stating a clear, precise, and executable problem is the most difficult step of the research. The reason is that it should be able to express the importance of the problem, the scope of the study, and the general goals of the research. It should also provide a framework for presenting the results of the research. At this point, the researcher depicts the context of the problem. Besides, the characteristics of the problem, its extent, and its possible causes are also identified.

Research objectives fall into two main categories:

  • General Objectives: Which are drawn from the main research topic
  • Specific Objectives: They are drawn from the general goals and indicates what the plan will finally achieve.

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