Criteria for Embase indexing

Embase is one of the largest databases supported by Elsevier Company, which covers more than 8500 research journals.

Criteria for Embase indexing Embase embraces more than 25 million registered profiles from thousands of reputable science journals since 1974. Moreover, it has the most up-to-date resources to track and retrieve accurate drug and disease information from a variety of studies ranging from clinical studies to valuable data on the level of toxicity of various materials.

There are three principles for Embase indexing:

  1. The full article should be checked.
  2. The indexing process is controlled by the thesaurus, which covers the concepts that may be investigated in other journals in different ways.
  3. Indexing is in accordance with the instructions that lead to consistency and integrity of the data.

Indexing process

With the exception of the articles set for auto-indexing, the indexing process in Embase is a manual process.

One of the important issues of indexing in Embase is quality control, which is conducted in two steps:

  1. Validation during indexing

The indexer is warned if the words are indexed in the wrong topic or if the words are not included in the Emtree.

  1. General quality of indexing:

In monthly reviews, quality is controlled using indicator samples, and feedback is reported to improve quality.

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