Different types of journal publication

Journals have different methods of publication for the accepted articles. This article is a short review of different types of publications.

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Online and printed

Journals publish accepted articles online or printed. The online publication of an article is inexpensive. Therefore, journals are more inclined to publish an article online since they are cost-effective. However, the online publication of articles may provide open or limited access for the readers.

Online publication: Article by article method

Some journals publish an article online as soon as the article is accepted. For instance, all the journals published by Biomed Central Publish publication follow this method of publication. The advantage of this method is that it speeds up the process of publication and reduces publication costs. Some publishers publish the printed versions of articles every two years but others may not do this unless they are asked for it. This online publication can provide open or limited access to readers.

Draft publication

Some journals are highly popular among the authors. Therefore, they receive a large number of submissions daily. In such journals, publication process usually takes a long time. Accordingly, the journals start to publish a special issue entailing the articles waiting for publication (in-press articles). These articles are among those which have been through revision and design process. However, this process might put authors into some problems. For instance, some author may not like to publish the articles publicly before the official publication of a journal. Therefore, using the final drafts of the article for publication may not be a good option and expensive for journals.

Online publication

Online publication does not impose any publication cost on the publisher. Therefore, it is beneficial for a scientific journal to publish its article in an online format. Recently, the online publication has gained popularity and is a preferable method of publication among publishers. For instance, BioMed Central journals publish their articles online and provide free access for the readers.

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