How to Cite Tables and Figures in an Article?

Most of the scientific articles published each year contain tables, figures, diagrams, images, or maps. Many journals have difficult guidelines for inclusion of such items in an article.

How to Cite Tables and Figures in an Article?It is very important to know how to draw tables and the quality of the images used is very significant. So that the researcher should carefully select them. In this article we will describe how to insert tables and images in the article.

Through images and tables, the researcher is able to easily transfer information that is difficult to describe through text. Most of the readers only pay attention to the visual items such as figures and graphs and may not even read the text of the article. Thus, make sure that the displayed items are independent from the text and clearly convey the important results of the research.

The displayed items are important for attracting the audience. Well-designed and -illustrated items make the audience interested and convince them to spend more time on such items. Finally, they motivate the reader to read the whole article.

The information displayed in the form of quality images and tables give your article a professional look. Readers usually think that a professional-looking article is more scientifically rewarding. So, readers are more likely to trust and discuss the results. You should answer the following questions when you decide which results to include in the figures and tables:

  • Readers prefer to see which kind of data in figures or tables?
  • Are the images complementary to the text or do they repeat the same data as the text?
  • Are data, such as statistics or P values, which can easily be presented inside the text, are included in the tables?

1. Tables

Drawing tables is an effective and concise way of presenting large amounts of data. You need to design them carefully so that your results can be clearly described to busy researchers who do not have time to read the whole article.

Well-designed tables have the following features:

  • A short and clear caption
  • Categorization of the data to achieve greater transparency
  • Enough space between the columns and rows
  • Provision of measurement units

· Legible font type and size

2. Images

A researcher uses images to illustrate:

  • Figure
  • Graph Data
  • Map
  • Drawing

Like tables, images should have a clear and short caption.3. Figures

The reader visualizes the information you present through figures in your article. Most of the time it is not possible to transfer what you mean through words. With the help of figures, the required accuracy for a scientific paper is realized. For example, just mentioning that the “surface is nanometer-sized” is not enough. In this case, it is best to show this in the form of a microscopic image. For figures, make sure that they have the following characteristics:

  • Include a graduated line
  • Name the most important items
  • Explain the meaning of different colors and symbols


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