Publishing Conference Papers in ISI Journals

Scientific research conferences are held at various regional, national, and international levels. For the conference to fall under any of the above categories, it must have certain characteristics.

Publishing Conference Papers in ISI JournalsConference is an official gathering of professionals and experienced people presenting new scientific projects, research results, and studies performed on a specific scientific topic in the form of paper, lecture, and poster. Conference has numerous speakers and is held every one to five years. The conference usually lasts more than three days. A number of specialized committees are needed for holding a conference.

Features of International Conferences

The focus of the conference is not solely on domestic problems.

 A number of articles are sent from abroad.

The official language of the conference is English.

The book should be in English.

The conference is advertised in international journals.

There should be workshops provided by foreign specialists.

The conference should have foreign participants.

The title of the conference should be on international websites and directories.

The conference should have international media supporters.

The conference should also have international reviewers.

The conference website should have an English version.

Publishing Papers at International Conferences

Suppose you have written a paper and presented it at a scientific conference. Now considering the feedback you’ve received, you plan to submit it to a scientific journal for acceptance and publication. Now you face the question whether a conference paper can be sent to the journal for publication?

Can a Conference Paper Be Sent to the Journal for Publication?

The paper presented in a conference is not a complete article. The purpose of presenting an article in a conference is to inform people about the subject of the article and get feedback from it. You can apply the comments and criticisms of reviewers in your article to make the article you submit for publication more accurate and complete. When your paper is presented in a conference, it’s best to even change the title as much as possible.

Most journals expect 30% of your article to be original content that has not been presented in any conferences or journals before. Therefore, you can submit and publish an article you have previously presented in a conference to a journal. You can also submit your paper to a conference while you are waiting for the results of the journal review. However, you must adhere to ethical considerations.

The 30% original content means the findings and results. Because the most important and original parts of any article which are of interest to the journal and the reader are the section and the results of the article. So you can submit it to a conference by skipping these sections and revising the article.

Many editors may refuse to submit an article to a conferences, even when the content is revised. Therefore, it is best to obtain permission from the journal editor before submitting the paper to the conference.

Many scholars assume that they should only apply changes in the statement of the problem, purpose of the study, as well as methods and materials. But the most important parts of the paper are the result, discussion, and conclusion. If there is no innovation in the materials and methods of your paper, then it is the result and discussion section of your article that makes your article unique. So you have to make changes in these important areas.


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