Advantages of publishing ISI articles for students

  • Getting admission in PhD is easier.
  • Getting scholarships from reputable international universities all over the world
  • Getting recruited in all departments and other public and private centers



  • Getting admission as a faculty member in universities and research centers
  • Increasing the possibility of continuing education in the favorite department, field, and university in all branches of Islamic Azad University without entrance examination
  • Obtaining membership in the National Elite Foundation
  • Getting known as a specialist and expert in the subject
  • Receiving research projects with very high revenues
  • Creating a sense of honor and confidence in the authors of the articles
  • Theorizing and expressing the views of the authors in specialized fields
  • Submitting research and studies done in the name of the authors and preserving them permanently
  • Presenting the research and scientific achievements to many people around the world

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Advantages of publishing ISI articles for students

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