How to write a good paper for an ISI journal

The scientific committee elected by the journal, the international diversity of published articles, on time publishing of the journal and its publication status are among the factors evaluated by ISI database.

engineLeave a commentEdit How to write a good paper for an ISI journalThis report contains valuable information regarding journals and their ranking.

Impact Factor was first introduced in 1995 by Garfield the founder of ISI, and was quickly implemented as a guide for selecting the best journals.

The fact is that this factor is not a complete tool for measuring the quality of articles, but it is commonly used because there is no better way to do so and it has some advantages over other criteria for scientific evaluation.

JCR covers more than 7,500 valid journals in about 200 subject areas from 1997 onwards, and it can be used to classify journals in specialized fields and rating indicators. JCR is available in two versions; its scientific edition includes more than 5,900 scientific journals and the social sciences version consists of 1,700 journals. JCR can be reviewed through Web of Knowledge, provided that the subscription fee is made.

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How to write a good paper for an ISI journal



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