Quality of A Scientific Journal

Quality improvement is one of the most important matters in a scientific journal that is under the influence of financial and budgetary issues.

Each issue of a scientific journal should have a higher quality than the previous issue. The most influential factor in this regard is the budget of the journal. But although a large budget is a good advantage, it is not a necessary condition for increasing the quality of the journal. Since possession of a generous budget will not increase the quality of scientific journal content per se and it must be properly managed.

Scientific journalists should not be ambitious. They must remember that a quarterly journal with high-quality and credible articles is much better than a monthly journal that includes low-quality articles. The quality of the content of any scientific journal depends on the quality of the articles published in it. It means that the attention to detail in editing, professional page layout, scheduled publication, appropriate design, and publication monitoring are effective factors in the improvement of the quality of the journal.


If the articles are of poor quality, it will be a waste of time to edit them with great care. But, sometimes the subject of the article is valuable while it has poor scientific writing. In such cases, the journal must spend time and energy on reviewing or the various stages of editing. But, do not forget that many researchers may write articles in a language other than their native language. this issue is likely to affect the quality of their paper. Thus, the acceptance or rejection of a draft of the article should depend on the scientific quality or scientific conditions of the article and not its literary and linguistic qualities.


Besides the above-mentioned factors, it is necessary for the journal to have a proper design and precise publication date. Paying attention to such details has a great impact on attracting the audience and more articles with higher quality. Also, the chances of indexation of such journals in reputable international indexes are higher. Yet, if the articles published in the journal are of low quality, the journal will lose its audience. Besides, the overall quality of the journal will decrease, followed by low-quality articles sent to the journal.

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