Components of a Proposal

Components of a Proposal (Part 3)

11. Statistical Population A statistical population is a set of individuals or units with at least one common trait. Typically, in any research the population under study is a statistical population that the researcher would like to study about the variable (s) of its units. 12. Sample Size In general, data represent facts, concepts, or Read more about Components of a Proposal (Part 3)[…]


Launching Manuscript Management System(Part2)

Training reviewers (if possible) could improve the quality of a journal’s reviews and moreover enhance the quality of the submitted article manuscripts. However, members of the editorial board are not qualified to train reviewers, but they can supervise their training and develop brochures or guidelines for this purpose. It is also important that both the Read more about Launching Manuscript Management System(Part2)[…]

Launching Manuscript Management System(part 2)

Other types of review are listed below: Open Review: This method is used in all medical journals, such as BioMed Central and BMJ. Open Peer Review: In this method, all of the submitted articles are published and if the authors can receive favorable opinion from three members of the editorial board, their comments will be Read more about Launching Manuscript Management System(part 2)[…]

Observational studies

The main aim of these studies is not only to describe and express the status of the present situation, but also to identify and compare the relationships between two or more variables and their impact in different groups.

Plagiarism detection software

Plagiarism detection software

Detection and prevention of publishing articles with plagiarism has become one of the major concerns of international journals. Based on the publication ethics, “publishers” are responsible for the detection of this violation and prevention of the publication of articles with plagiarism. […]

Proofreading or editing?

Clients usually used the terms ‘proofreading’ and ‘editing’ interchangeably, while there are essential differences between the two. Proofreading involves rectifying spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and formatting errors. Therefore, it normally occurs at the end of the writing process as a final step before submitting a paper that is otherwise ready to be published. On the other Read more about Proofreading or editing?[…]

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