Reasons for article rejection

Statistics show that in 70% of cases article are not rejected due to their lack of scientific quality, but there are some other reasons, which makes publishing an article a difficult task.

Reasons for article rejection Top main reasons of article rejection are summarized below:

  • The grammatical and structural mistakes in the article impede comprehension.
  • The researchers employed an inappropriate method of sampling.
  • The statistical procedure in the article is incomplete or inappropriate.
  • The discussion section lacks logical, clear, or structured argumentation.
  • The statement of the problem is not presented sufficiently.
  • The abstract is very short or very long.
  • The subject of the study does not fall within the aim and the scope of the selected journal.
  • The researcher fails to comply with the submission instruction of the selected journal.
  • The study does not provide new information and the findings are incremental.

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